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About Us

St. Mary’s Catholic Tamil Community is a vibrant and welcoming community formed in 1998 which is part of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dubai 1998. We are a Tamil-speaking community, and we are blessed to have grown to a 1500+ member community.
At St. Mary’s Tamil community, we encourage each and every person to explore their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ. We are thankful for the incredible efforts and sacrifices of our priests and individuals who have made this community what it is today. We invite you to join us in celebrating the love of God and making a difference in our community.

The Committee

The Church Committee is a structured, core team that drives the initiatives of the church. It consists of members from different backgrounds and experiences, all of whom are passionate about the mission and vision of the church. The Church Committee meets regularly to review and discuss activities, discuss new initiatives, and assess the progress of current activities. All Church Committee members are volunteers who give their time and energy to ensure that the church is reaching its goals and objectives.

Executive Committee



Fr. Mariadass OFM Cap



Mr. Jeevendran

General Coordinator

Mr. Arockia Selvan


Joint Treasurer

Mr. Anthony Edwin

Joint General Coordinator

Mr. Binoy Joseph

Anbiyam General Coordinator

Mr. Mouril Robert



Mr. Johnny Suresh

Anbiyam Joint Coordinator

Mr. Nambirajan

General Committee

Prayer Ministry Coordinator

Mr. Benedict



Mr. Stephen Raj

Light & Sound Coordinator

Mr. Robin

Volunteers Assistant

Mr. Jerald

Lay Ministers Coordinator

Mr. Stephen Karunakaran

Samaritan Ministry

Mr. Vijayan Asirvatham

Light & Sound Assistant

Mr. Advin

Altar Servers Coordinator

Mrs. Venicia Jeyakumar

Media & Cultural Coordinator

Mr. Julian

Sports Coordinator

Mr. Maria Albert



Mrs. Roseline Martin

Decorations Coordinator

Mr. Francis Raj

Volunteers Coordinator

Mr. Sunil

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